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Halloween in Salem

While Salem is breathtaking in both beauty and historical substance it is always at its liveliest in October. Salem Haunted Happenings takes place through the latter part of October and features everything from eerie ghost tours to costume balls -- parades to haunted houses. And yes, there is still a vibrant Wicca community residing in Salem today. And, yes, there are plenty of things to do for the entire family as well, particularly during October weekends. Need a witch costume? You can check Salem witch costumes here.

Where to Stay

Coming in October? Why not stay in Salem. It sure beats having to deal with the traffic of folks coming in and out for the day! Salem's wide range of attractions may find you begging for a longer stay. Hawthorne Hotel bills itself as Salem's only full-service hotel while the more intimate Salem Inn offers 39 guest rooms, all appointed with a collection of antiques. You can't go wrong with either location as they are both walking distance to the area's attractions.

What to See

October events include Derby Square's Terror Trail Tours -- 80 minute candle-lit tours where history and a little bit of suspense is thrown in for good measure. Shops and restaurants may have special themed events as well. But Salem is a year-round destination and there is always something to do. While most sites are within walking range, if you want to be light on your feet the Salem Trolley circles the area's various sites of note. Salem Common is a beautiful park with captivating green space in the center of town. Many shops and eateries await at Pickering Wharf. You can also stop by Hawthorne's house, enjoy the architectural beauty of Chestnut Street and take in the Peabody Essex Museum.

But Salem makes no bones about its witch trial history. The most intricate -- and most popular -- destination is the Salem Witch Museum. It's a highly recommended primer on the events that took place in Salem in 1692. The centerpiece of the museum is a dramatic presentation which goes into historic detail and poses various unbiased theories as to why the events took place. Exhibits and a small gift shop follow. But that's not all. You also have the Witch Dungeon Museum and the Witch History Museum to offer insight into the town's witchy significance. And, if you've had your fill of history and want to let your hair down and take in a few scares or two the town has a pair of haunted house walkthroughs as well with Dracula's Castle.

What to Buy There are plenty of quaint shops -- devoted to everything from witches to Harry Potter -- throughout the downtown area. Walk around. They're everywhere.

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