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1. How many people were formally charged with witchcraft?
  a) 95 c) 140  
  b) 64 d) None of the above  
2. How many people were afflicted?
  a) 43 c) 57  
  b) 83 d) None of the above  
3. Where did this witchcraft outbreak originate?
  a) Andover c) Salem Village  
  b) Salem Town d) None of the above  
4. Who was the first afflicted girl?
  a) Abigail Williams c) Tituba  
  b) Betty Parris d) None of the above  
5. Which accused person was pressed to death for refusing to answer the court's questions?
  a) John Proctor c) Samuel Wardwell  
  b) Alice Parker d) None of the above  
6. What year did the Salem witch trials take place?
  a) 1697 c) 1762  
  b) 1692 d) None of the above  
7. Who was the youngest person jailed for witchcraft?
  a) Dorcas Good c) Mary Warren  
  b) Martha Tyler d) None of the above  
8. What were some of the causes of the Salem witch trials?
  a) Family squabbles c) Superstitions e) None of the above
  b) Salem politics d) All of the above  
9. Who was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the Salem witch trials?
  a) Sir William Phips c) Cotton Mather  
  b) Samuel Sewall d) None of the above  
10. How many convicted witches were hanged?
  a) 20 c) 17  
  b) 19 d) None of the above  
11. When Salem Village separated from Salem Town in 1752, what did Salem Village change its name to?
  a) Decatur c) Devonshire  
  b) Danvers d) None of the above  
12. No one died a convicted witch again in America after the Salem witch trials.
  a) True    
  b) False    
13. Of the women listed below, which one was once tried for witchcraft in 1680, but not convicted in that year?
  a) Sarah Good c) Elizabeth Proctor  
  b) Bridget Bishop d) None of the above  
14. Who was the Salem Village minister during the trials?
  a) Cotton Mather c) Samuel Parris  
  b) Joseph Green d) None of the above  
15. Which afflicted girl in August 1706 asked the congregation of her church for forgiveness for her involvement with the Salem witch trials?
  a) Ann Putnam, Jr. c) Betty Parris  
  b) Abigail Williams d) None of the above  


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