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Rebecca Nurse Biography

  • She was 1 of 8 children of William Towne of Topsfield.
  • She was married to Francis Nurse.
  • The Rev. James Allen and she once fought over the boundry of their two neighboring properties.
  • She worshipped at the Salem Village church, but remained a member of the Salem Town church.
  • Rebecca was hard of hearing, so she did not often respond to those who spoke to her.
  • She was 71-years-old when she was charged with witchcraft.
  • She was originally found not guilty by the court, but when the courtroom and the afflicted girls protested, Chief Justice Stoughton asked the jury to reconsider a statement made by one of the prisoners. Nurse was found guilty the second time because of the reconsidered evidence and her failure to respond to questions because her poor hearing.
  • Her reputation as a good and prudent women didn't help her escape the gallows.
  • She was excommunicated, but her decendents had it revoked on March 6, 1712.
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