Salem Witch Trials


Victims of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692

Every victim was an unfortunate tragedy of the Salem Witch Trials. Some were hanged, others died in prison while awaiting trial. One was even pressed to death. This page lists the victims, when they perished and how it happened.

Hanged on June 10

Bridget Bishop, Salem

Hanged on July 19

Sarah Good, Salem Village

Rebecca Nurse, Salem Village

Susannah Martin, Amesbury

Elizabeth How, Ipswich

Sarah Wilds, Topsfield

Hanged on August 19

George Burroughs, Wells, Maine

John Proctor, Salem Village

John Willard, Salem Village

George Jacobs, Sr., Salem Town

Martha Carrier, Andover

September 19

Giles Corey, Salem Farms, pressed to death

Hanged on September 22

Martha Corey, Salem Farms

Mary Eastey, Topsfield

Alice Parker, Salem Town

Ann Pudeater, Salem Town

Margaret Scott, Rowley

Wilmott Reed, Marblehead

Samuel Wardwell, Andover

Mary Parker, Andover

Other accused witches that were not hanged, but died in prison:

Sarah Osborne, Salem Village

Roger Toothaker, Billerica

Lyndia Dustin, Reading

Ann Foster, Andover

Thirteen others may have also died in prison, but sources conflict on the exact number.


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